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How It Works


Our services

Planning & Strategy

Maximize your budget by targeting only the audience that is right for you. Whether it is to generate repeat customers or increase brand awareness, we will help you make the right decisions from the start.

Creative Support

Deliver engaging and innovative ads to your target audience. With a wide range of formats to choose from, our team will help you capture your audience's attention.

Ad Serving Technology

Get fast and reliable delivery of your advertisements to reach your target audience with our robust and scalable ad servers. Reach hundreds of thousands easily with no problems.


Receive detailed post-campaign reports to ensure that your budget was put to good use. Our comprehensive tracking system provides a clear and informative report that is simple enough to understand at a glance.

About Us

Nexus Solutions is the first ever provider of free wireless Internet access in Myanmar. With our cutting-edge wireless technology, we are able to offer advertisers the opportunity to deliver their messages directly to consumers through an innovative and interactive new medium.

Through our ever-expanding network of free wireless networks in public places such as shopping centers, parks and restaurants, we are able to offer advertisers the opportunity to reach an extremely wide target audience.